4 Grandmothers Are the Most Fabulous Bridesmaids You’ve Ever Seen

Natalie Caho Photography
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One of the most important things to remember about weddings is that they are a moment for family to reconnect and spend quality time together. For many people, though, this can be difficult, as it is certainly possible that not all family members are alive and well enough to come to a marriage celebration.

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This is why when Lyndsey Raby was planning her wedding ceremony, she knew exactly how she was going to celebrate the occasion. Because both of her and her fiancé’s grandmothers were alive, the couple decided to have them be Raby’s bridesmaids.

This might seem like an unorthodox concept, but we love it. After all, how often do you get to celebrate your family in such a unique way? Not only were the grandmothers willing to participate, but they were incredibly happy to and definitely brought some pizzazz to the occasion!

Finding the Right Outfits

Of course, when you have four different bridesmaids it is important to coordinate outfits. This makes it easier to highlight the bride in all of the photos and make sure certain colors are not clashing! All of the grandmothers were enthusiastic about matching their outfits and settled on floral designs that rested on blue floor-length dresses.

One of our favorite things about the final looks is that they do a great job of pairing traditional fashion with a contemporary sensibility. The dresses were definitely elegant, but still had jackets with shorter sleeves that made the complete outfits look more casual. Striking the balance for the perfect bridesmaids look can be very difficult, so we commend these grandmothers for finding their sense of style!

Family is Everything

Believe it or not, but the grandmothers had actually never spent time together before this wedding. This made it a great opportunity for them to not only celebrate the union of their grandchildren, but also get to know each other better! Life can feel very complicated and overwhelming, but our lives intertwine in ways that we don’t even know about. For these grandmothers, this was likely a great moment to appreciate the beauty and spontaneity of life.

An Inspiring Conclusion

In a world that often feels very confusing and large, staying close to your family is incredibly important. It’s definitely possible to have a complicated relationship with your family, but it is also hard to ignore the fact that they are likely the only source of consistent love that you will receive throughout your life.

By inviting their grandmothers to partake in their wedding in such an intimate way, Mr. and Mrs. Raby were able to bring their family together one last time. We think this story is not only cute, but will be the source of happy memories for many years to come. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Raby for staging an incredibly beautiful wedding!