Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Off His New iPhone Case

Imgur: maymyenemieslivelong

Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently decided he wanted his phone to look different from millions of others. So, he decided to get his new iPhone a different case. Of the many he had to select from, he chose one that features him in one of his movies, Commando.

He purchased the case from Represent. It ships internationally, and he paid $22.99. When Schwarzenegger was asked if he liked the case, he answered, “Oh my God, I love it!” He went on to explain that he takes a lot of selfies. He said the media continues to laugh at his new purchase. However, he noted that he also wears shirts featuring his face on it, so the iPhone case should not be a surprise.

Schwarzenegger, 72, demonstrating his great sense of humor, attended the Terminator: Dark Fate premiere in Tokyo with his iPhone and new cover. It was reported that he and his iPhone case were quite the success as he joined his co-stars along with his unique phone case.

The iPhone offers the triple cameras feature. This allowed the actor to mimic the huge quadruple rocket launcher his character displayed in the film. In the movie, he portrays Colonel John Matrix, of the United States Special Forces. He is on a major mission to save his daughter. She was a former member of Bennett. In order to release his daughter, Matrix must assassinate the former dictator, in Val Verde. The iPhone case is perfect in mimicking his character using the rocket launcher.

It was reported that the former California governor made a near-perfect entrance at the Japanese premiere as he joined his co-stars. He was joined by Natalia Reyes, Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, and Gabriel Luna. The director, Tim Miller, also joined the cast.

The movie brought in an impressive $29 million during its opening weekend. However, it is estimated the high-budget film will lose an estimated $100 million. The movie had a price-tag of $185 million to produce. Additionally, the studio put out between $80 and $100 million in global advertising expenses.

Schwarzenegger will certainly not be a monetary loser from the film. He is selling the iPhone 11 cases via his official merchandise store. The actor stated that he actually makes his own. He plans to donate some of the money to his institute to fight gerrymandering. They are available in three sizes for the Pro Max, Pro, and Slim. Each one features an image from his 1985 Commando movie.

We can only wonder what Arnold has in store for us next. One thing is for sure; we will be hearing him say, “I’ll be back.”