Baby and father have hilarious ‘conversation’

Instagram / @comediandjpryor

Many people are unaware when they become parents that they will soon become fluent in a language known as gibberish. One father from Clarkesville, Tennessee recently demonstrated his skill at speaking his new language during a video-recorded conversation he enjoyed with his young son.

Shaneike Pryor was the woman behind the camera when Deztin, her husband, and Kingston, her 19-month-old son engaged each other in a conversation. The internet quickly fell in love with the father and son duo and the video has been watched and shared many times. If you have not had the chance to do so, you should check out the video as soon as you get a chance.

The Video

Deztin and his son Kingston were watching an episode of the television show “Empire” when Deztin noticed that his son was totally focused on the show. Deztin asked his son what he thought about the episode and the resulting conversation is simply hilarious. Shaneike was on hand to record the moment and shared the short clip to Facebook soon after the two men in her life were finished talking.

The Father-Son Bond

Everyone who saw the video filmed by Shaneike was impressed with the obvious bond shared by Deztin and Kingston. The video perfectly captures the joking and laughing between the father and son even though neither could actually ‘understand’ the other.

Deztin directly asks Kingston at one point in the video if he understood the Empire episode. The toddler responded with a hilarious expression that seemed to suggest he didn’t understand much of the episode.

Many Parents with Similar Experiences

Many parents have an innate ability to understand the blabber spoken by their children. Your child could appear to be talking gibberish to others but you know they are telling you they are ready for a snack. This is possible because parents can read the emotion and gestures of their children and help them develop their language skills based on those emotions and gestures. This is what Deztin was able to do during his conversation with Kingston.

Praise From Experts

Deztin’s conversation with Kingston is fun and games for the young father. Deztin is a comedian that has considered making the conversation with his son part of his act. Psychologists, however, see the video in a different light and have heaped praise on Deztin. One expert says one of the best ways to teach language skills to a small child is to mimic the sounds made by the child before adding to them.

The Denny’s Commercial

Sheneike’s video was so well-received that Deztin and Kingston landed a job with Denny’s as talent in a Father’s Day Commercial made by the company. A video on Denny’s Twitter account shows Deztin and Kingston enjoying breakfast and discussing a variety of issues that include pancakes, general life issues, and bacon.

The commercial ends by delivering a message that will surely touch the hearts of many about the bond between a father and son. And whether Deztin and Kingston are enjoying a meal at Denny’s or watching Empire in their home, it is obvious the two enjoy a bond that is special to both of them.