Baby Products That Can Make You Smile That You Might Not Need

Instagram / baebymya

If you have children or know someone who has had children, then you likely know of the basic necessities that babies have including diapers, wipes, and bottles. Although there are a few items that are fun to have on hand, they might not always be needed. Another change that you’ve likely seen is the design of baby products. Items were once plain colors or designs with teddy bears, zoo animals, and princesses. Now, you can enter a store and see everything from polka dots to bright colors that include orange and yellow.

One baby item that is soft and comforting is a tortilla blanket swaddle. The blanket makes your baby look like a small stuffed tortilla complete with an adorable cap. However, you don’t have to worry about the cheese and other ingredients. This is a baby item that many parents are stocking up on or giving as a gift to new parents because of the fun design and the soft texture. Some parents have taken pictures of their babies wrapped in the blanket along with a plate of nachos on a plate beside the baby.

Another fun item that might make you smile is a barbell that is light enough for a baby to hold. It’s similar to a rattle but is designed with large ends and is black in color. There are even a few numbers etched into the weight to give it a realistic appearance.

Onesies are a convenient item for parents of babies. Whether they are long-sleeved or short-sleeved, they come in a variety of designs and colors. One funny onesie that has some truth behind it is designed with a white background and has the phrase “Cutest Tax Deduction Ever” in black and green letters on the front. Another shirt that has a funny message proclaims that the baby is the local tough guy. A fun shirt for babies and toddlers has the simple word “Illiterate” on the front. It sends a message that babies can’t read, prompting adults to help them learn.

If you use pacifiers, then a fun design you might want to add to your collection looks like two front teeth. You can also get a pacifier that looks like red lips that are ready for kisses from everyone your baby sees. Toys that look like tools or other items that you baby shouldn’t put in his mouth are quite popular as well including saws, bottles that look like beer, and a set of teeth.

Bandana bibs are a fun way for babies to look stylish while keeping food and milk away from the front of shirts. These are designed in various patterns and colors including paisley designs that blend well with western attire. At the end of the day, you can even get a book with a unique title that dictates what you want your baby to do instead of crying or playing at bedtime.