Babymop Allows Your Baby to Mop the Floor


Have you ever spent a few minutes online, just looking at the amusing, curious, and outrageous items there are for sale? You can find almost anything you imagine. There are many things you have probably never imagined. One of these is the baby onesie. This is actually a babies’ outfit that serves as a mop. It is also known as the “Babymop.”

A company in Germany is selling its Babymop and suggesting it is an ideal way to put your baby to work. The company says it is the perfect way to use your child’s mobility skills while assisting with the daily chores. The company making Babymops advertise that the outfit protects the tender bones and delicate tissues of your baby while s/he cleans your floor.

Babymops is available to purchase on Amazon. There are different outfits offered in a range of prices. One of the gears is for toddlers, from 8 to 12 months of age. The company says this is when babies do most of their crawling. However, there are also outfits available for babies 3 to 6 months old and 6 to 9 months of age. The purpose of the different ages is to have outfits available in order to allow your baby to roll around and clean your floor at all times while s/he is a “crawler.”

Apparently, some people take the Babymop seriously. This might be based on their assumption that even the smallest family member needs to learn how important it is to clean up and do chores. Other people find the product to be hilarious.

The Babymops have different looks. However, most of them appear to be a toddler outfit with “mop type” strands attached to the outfit. The strands are long enough so that they might pick up debris on the floor.

The Babymops are available in different colors such as blue/gray, red/beige, blue/rose red, orange/gray, and so forth. The outfit comes in the first-named color, while the mop strands are the second part of the color scheme. The outfits are made from a cotton blend. The original Babymop was featured on Good Morning America and other TV programs. The initial cost for this particular Babymop was $50. Later, after new outfits were added, they received new names. One was the Beide Baby Boys Girls Foo Cleaning Mop Romper. It had a price tag of $19.14. Then there was the Babymop Blue for 6-9 months (although available in three sizes). It sold on Amazon for $29.99.

Some of the critics of Babymops question what the baby might be exposed to when crawling around on the floor. For example, s/he may come in contact with spilled dry chemicals, broken glass, as well as dog or cat feces. Perhaps Babymops would make for a better baby shower gift. This will allow for many of the guests to have some humorous moments together.