Dad recreates faces his baby daughter makes

Instagram: hijosh

You can file this one under “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

A proud Australian-born father has become the hit of social media by celebrating the arrival of his 7-week old infant daughter Billie and having her work right alongside him.

However, adorable Billie has no say in the matter because her dad Josh is a comedian. She’s the unknowing star, and he’s her sidekick, and the online world is having a ball waiting for Josh’s next viral video to appear.

Believe it or not, Josh says he used to be a pastor, and for five years, had led a congregation. He says he’s still got his faith and active in the church, but comedy came calling, and he sensed it was the right time to be a funny man and make a living from it.

Actually, people around the globe find his videos that mimic little Billie’s facial expressions, outfits and movements to be hilarious. Millions of folks tune in. For example, the first video he launched was a huge winner racking up more than 15 million views in the first 24 hours. That one video now boasts 42 million views and counting on his social media channel.

That’s not all. The same video has picked up 80 million views from all the reposts that occur. Josh has now turned a longtime hobby into a fulltime job that pays. He claims he used to be shy growing up, but making funny, random, short videos has brought him fame, publicity and taught him to share his keen sense of humor with the masses.

Josh is delighted that he can create unique comedy videos in his way and admits that the majority of viewers get his sense of humor, some do not, and others find the daughter/daddy videos to be both “cute and creepy” at the same time. Some people leave comments saying that they would prefer only to watch his baby daughter in her cute moments.

A few have blocked his face, so they can enjoy Billie without Josh interfering. Still, each new video appears to reach viral proportions, and that means the comedy and material are apparently doing their job and nailing a huge audience. Josh has his own website and writes that his mission is simple: Love God, Love people, love making fun, dumb videos!” He’s also all over social media websites. Talk about an expressive baby girl. She’s a star thanks to Dad!