Father Punishes Teen With A Hilarious Takeover Of Her Social Media Accounts

Instagram: madelynn.ellagrace

Parents today must think of new ways to punish children. Gone are the days where you could bend a teen over your knee for reprimand. Today’s kids are smarter and know their rights. Punishment must be inventive and go outside the box. Larry Sumpter is such a parent. When his 15-year-old daughter Madelynn defied orders and snuck boys into a sleepover she was attending; Sumpter decided a creative punishment was in order.

Madelynn was given a choice; she could go for a month without a phone, or she could go without her beloved phone for two weeks with a catch. The catch was that her parents got to have control over all her social media accounts. Most teens are addicted to their smartphones, so she immediately chose the second option. It would be a decision that she soon regretted, and it would cause her much embarrassment. However, her father was about to have some serious fun to teach her a big lesson.

The Denton, Texas, sophomore, had plenty of social media accounts for her father to review. The takeover occurred on November 11th. Her father used his creative side to come up with all sorts of costumes and gimmicks to embarrass the teen. He found himself navigating the waters of TikTok and Instagram with ease. His first video was of him and his son-in-law dancing in provocative clothing.

The duo had on Daisy Duke shorts and a halter top; talk about a sight. He even decided to do a sultry pose in his ensemble, and he gazed longingly into the camera while taking an intimate selfie. The blonde wig put this outfit over the top. It wasn’t long until Madelynn’s classmates began to see the videos, and her accounts were buzzing with activity.

Feeling embarrassed and desperate, Madelynn begged to take the month of grounding because she had changed her mind. However, her father wouldn’t budge. Not only was he fully invested in the punishment, but he was having fun. He said he still had many ideas that he wanted to try before he gave her back the accounts. Much to her chagrin, he told her that he liked TikTok so much that he was going to make his own account when he was done with the takeover.

Sumpter took the full two weeks and poured himself totally into it. It wasn’t until day eight that mom stepped in to help. She laughed on camera, telling the audience that she would gladly help to embarrass her kids.

When Madelynn finally got her social media accounts back, she made a declaration that was music to her parents’ ears. She stated that she was now in control, and she is going to make better choices from this point forward. However, she wasn’t ready for the reply that she received. One friend said that they thought her dad’s posts were cooler and that he should be allowed to continue. Who knew punishment could be so much fun?