Father trolls his wife with photoshopped christmas tree photo’s

Imgur: eeplesandbaneenees85

A Little Christmas Tree Background

Nothing conveys the message of yuletide more than a festively trimmed Christmas tree. However, it can be a challenge to find the perfect Christmas tree for your home. Because fresh Christmas trees often are expensive, it is essential to find the ideal tree that flawlessly fits into your space.

Seasoned Christmas tree sellers agree that the size of the tree is a significant factor to be considered when purchasing a tree. The most frequent mistake that shoppers make when buying a Christmas tree is choosing one that is too big. Some people will get their tree home only to realize it won’t fit through the door.

When Dads Go Tree Shopping Alone

Now let’s consider what happens when dads go Christmas tree shopping by themselves. They think the best way to get in the holiday spirit is by buying a big tree for the family to trim.

A Christmas Tree Prank

So here’s a funny Christmas story about a dad who has been entrusted by his wife to go shopping to pick out the perfect family Christmas tree. This dad chooses a Christmas tree and straps the tree to the top of his vehicle. Then he gets an idea to have a little fun with his wife, Lisa.

It just so happens that the man who sold him the tree is pretty darn good at photoshopping. This prank involves photoshopping the picture of the tree tied to the car to make the tree appear quite a bit larger. When Lisa texts her husband to ask how the Christmas tree hunting is going, he has a response that includes the photoshopped picture of a tree obviously too large for their home.

Lisa sees the photoshopped Christmas tree picture and immediately seems stressed out about how huge the tree is. She responds to her husband, “OMG!!! How big is that thing?!?! And how are you getting it in the house?!”

Her husband keeps trolling her by telling her it’s not that big, not even the biggest one they had. He tells her it’s maybe 13 or 14 feet. Lisa is getting more worked up because the ceilings in their house are only 12 feet high. Trying to be nice about the situation, Lisa mentions that her dad is at the house and can help them trim the tree down so it will fit.

Lisa gets worked up again and texts her husband, “Never again going alone. Never.” And her husband keeps the prank alive by telling her he’s going to need to buy 15 to 20 more strands of lights.

Now Lisa wants to know how much the tree cost and her husband said he got a deal for $190. And he adds they will probably need a stronger stand too. That was the last straw for Lisa, she lost her cool. Only then did her husband give it up and tell Lisa that he was only messing with her the entire time.

Although Christmas is the season to enjoy time with your loved ones, an occasion to be joyful and merry, every now and then it’s fun to add in a holiday prank.