Hilarious horse might be the best animal actor ever

Facebook: Fransisco Zalasar

Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

Let’s face it. People enjoy riding horses, and most horses like taking people to places near and far. However, our story today is all about a horse named Jingang who appears to prefer playing dead whenever someone attempts to ride him at a ranch.

It’s a bizarre story but a true one, and since a video of Jingang playing dead has been shared globally on social media’s YouTube site, the horse has become an overnight sensation. Yes, the video has gone viral.

Jingang’s tale originated in Asia, and all the footage that has been shown on social media has been via the South Korean television network SBS. The name Jingang is also a rural town in China.

The horse would appear to be healthy, but some at the ranch also believe that Jingang is merely clever and lazy. He pretends he is dead when a rider comes close to hopping on the saddle. The horse immediately crumples to the ground with his nostrils flaring, his hooves in the air, eyes sometimes closed and even a mischevious grin upon occasion.

Even other horses at the ranch stop to look at Jingang lying on the ground playing dead and wonder or maybe envy that the animal has a major attitude and knows how to use it.

One local trainer at the ranch won’t give up and keeps trying to teach the horse how to accept riders. He told the media that Jingang is “cute but naughty.”

After Jingang gets up from his hilarious moment of falling to the ground almost gracefully and a rider immediately approaches again, the horse will collapse as quickly once more.

There’s a YouTube video that was shared by #KritterKlub, and the clip is 1:32 minutes long. Interestingly, since its video release on September 21, 2019, the YouTube video has been viewed more than a whopping 3,081,374 times. Wow, someone’s watching this unusual horse’s antics.

Most viewers have given the video the thumbs up, and it keeps rising in popularity. Some people leave comments that the horse has been well-trained and is in on playing possum, but most folks believe that Jingang is smart, hip, not acting and not gonna take it anymore.

Horses are pretty amazing animals and were born to run around. Within an hour after birth, a foal can stand. In the first two hours, the animal has the instincts to nurse, and within only four hours later, a newborn horse is able to gallop.

Veterinarians recommend that a foal be outside as much as possible for exercise. Movement is essential for the proper development of a young horse’s musculoskeletal system. In addition, natural interaction with other horses helps a foal to learn how to socialize in a normal manner.

Jingang is calling the shots at the ranch, and so far, his cheeky behavior has been working out for him.