Jimmy Kimmel Thrilled with His Annual Hilarious Halloween Prank!

Youtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Halloween is always a fun holiday and the weeks prior to Halloween can be some of the most exciting, getting ready for the big night. One annual tradition that has developed is the Jimmy Kimmel parent challenge – “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” prank. This is the ninth year of this hilarious prank and each year just gets better than the one before. The children are hilarious and precious with their reactions at the thought that the one night of the year when they have bagged so much loot that their parents snagged the prize!

Every year millions around the world watch as parents break the news to their children that they have eaten every piece of Halloween candy. Of course, it’s all fake and breaking the good news to the kids is as much fun as pranking them and watching their reactions. Some of the kids are very forgiving while others are not so gracious. But the show compiles some of the most hysterical and comical reactions into one for a must-see event.

The children’s reactions range from completely distraught (dropped jaws, screaming, crying) to completely shocked, still in their Halloween costumes. Some of the more popular reactions include “That’s the worst Halloween I ever had because of you! Stupid dummy pants!”, and “I’m going to call the police!” Both of those reactions elicited complete laughter of course.

One little girl wasn’t upset at all when her mother broke the fake news. Instead, she was completely concerned for her mother’s health, worried that she might get very sick from eating so much candy all at once. The mom asked if she was angry with her and the girl said, “Yes, but don’t do it again. It will make you very sick. You will have to poop all that out.”

The favorite reaction was of the little boy who was completely compassionate towards his mother and after she confessed and handed him the bag, he handed it back telling her that “I love you more than candy.”

At the end of the complication show, the parents all confess to their children that it was Jimmy Kimmel who “made them do it”. The kids, being kids, and probably not knowing well who Jimmy Kimmel is remained shocked with lots of questions about who this person was that could make their parents do something so unimaginable!