Kids Make the Most Hilarious Mother’s Day Cards


It is true what they say, the best gifts are homemade and from the heart. What is also true is that homemade cards from kids can be hilarious. Some of the jokes are intentional and some are unintentional but they are all hilarious. These cards had mom crying tears of laughter and joy and maybe a small amount of embarrassment in certain cases.

Breakfast in Bed Gone Wrong

This sweet note came as an explanation of why mom didn’t receive any breakfast. It is the thought that counts though right? Text from the handwritten card:

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a great mother’s day. We were going to make you pancakes but Melanie didn’t know how to so we were going to make eggs but there is no bacon. Well, happy mother’s day.

Sweet Tooth Interrogation

This card starts out sweet but ends up almost a little threatening. We wonder is there some backstory to why this child doesn’t get to eat dessert? Are they making an unkind statement about why mom should maybe lay off the cake? Text from the handwritten card:

Dear Mom, Thank you for doing everything for me, but why don’t you let have dessert? I like you because you care for me.

Basic flattery to get what you want. We are on to you, child!

You Could Do Better

Is this card flattery or a downright slam? While the kid appreciates his mom, there is a passive-aggressive undertone to this card. Text from the handwritten card:

Dear mom, Thank you for taking good care of me. I hope you do better things for me. From, Chris.

We love you mom but you could do better. Also, ‘from, Chris’ instead of ‘love, Chris’ feels like a slap in the face, doesn’t it?

Factual Gift

There is nothing wrong or mean about this gift. It is true, factually. Forget #1 Mom or Best Mom Award, this kid understands biology. That deserves a gold star. Text handwritten and printed onto a coffee mug:

You’re my mom because I’m your kid.

Props to the child for understanding the difference between you and you’re better than most adults on the Internet.

Just Like Mom

One of the sweetest things a child can say is that they want to be just like mom when they grow up. In this case, the message got a bit lost in translation. In a crayon drawing, it looks like mom is standing next to a pole while men try to give her money. The explanation is even more hilarious. According to mom, she works at a retail store and during a snowstorm, the crowds became hectic trying to get snow shovels and people were trying to pay her directly to get the last shovel.