Poncho the Chihuahua forced to live under the stairs


When Harry Potter was made to live under his stairs in the Philosopher’s stone book and movie the world gave a collective sympathetic sigh. The poor boy was so mistreated by his caregivers that when it turned out he was a wizard and would be rescued it gave us all a moment of joy no matter our age. Yet for one little guy named Poncho living under the stairs is an incredible treat. Not one person who reads this story will want Poncho to be taken away to Hogwarts, he is already living the dream.

When you see the room under the stairs that Poncho sleeps in, it immediately reminds you of where Harry Potter stayed. The small bed and triangled roof all take us back to old to those harrowing scenes. Yet for Poncho the chihuahua the room is far from cramped. The room is fitted with a miniature bed, chest of drawers, pictures on the walls, dog bowls, and light fixings. The door to the bedroom is even fitted with a special doggy door to ensure that Poncho can have some privacy but still has an easy way to come and go as he pleases.

It is the little touches that show just how much his owner cares for him. There is a place for Poncho to hang his miniature sombrero after a long hard day in the sun. There is a beautiful painting of dogs playing poker on the wall, something will surely keep Poncho amused. There is a small bedside lamp and some toys in the corner to ensure that Poncho has everything he needs. 

The incredible work that must have gone into this project shows how obsessed some owners are with their pets, and why not. Dogs give us so much joy in life with the little things they do it seems only right to return the favor whenever we can. If giving a room to little Poncho makes him happy then we say give him a few more! Of course, the cynical side of me thinks that perhaps the whole thing was orchestrated to simply get a few more likes on Instagram, but no. I choose to believe that good people exist and are doing incredible things for their dogs out of love alone. In fact, on closer inspection, the owner doesn’t even have a social account and the pictures have only gone viral because her young niece came to visit. Hooray!