The 93 year old who went viral during quarantine matka_Wariatka

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The coronavirus has been an incredibly tough time but a challenge that most have coped with extremely well. We have seen countries declare ceasefires in regions of conflict. We have seen pollution levels reduce across the world. We have seen increases in charitable donations at a time when people have less money. We have seen people more caring for their community at a time when they must keep their distance. The spirit of humanity has been strengthened during this time and it is incredible to see. One post recently went viral that captured this bold spirt.

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The elderly are the most at risk during coronavirus. It can be a frightening time for anyone in the latter years of their life. The coronavirus can appear as mild flu but can hit an older person hard. At a time when loved ones aren’t able to visit their older relatives as much as in the past, some people can feel like they are in this battle alone. 

It would make sense for anyone to be under stress or suffering from depression during this time. If you are older it makes it even more frightening. A photo of one 93-year-old woman named Olive Veronesi has recently gone viral as it shows how she is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The photo shows Olive standing at her window with a small whiteboard sign. She has a big smile on her face. Written on the sign are four simple words “I need more beer!!” In her other hand, she holds a small can of Coors Light.

The post went viral as people wanted to help Olive in her time of need. As over a million people have now seen the post and many have come forward to say that they will bring her some beer, we are sure she is being well taken care of. The other reason this post went viral is that it perfectly summarises the struggle that people are going through at the moment and the resolve and attitude required to get through it. 

Olive is 93 years old meaning that she is one of the most high-risk people for the virus. She knows this and that is why she is committed to her self isolation. Yet her spirit has remained unwavering. The photo captures a woman who is doing well. She looks healthy. She looks happy. She looks like she wants a beer. 

To get through this difficult time we need to focus on helping ourselves by doing whatever we need. While it is not a great idea for 93-year-old Olive to be drinking beer at her age, especially as it is proven to lower your immune system, she knows what she wants. If an occasional beer can help to lift her spirits during this time then she is doing the right thing. While we need to be careful of our physical health during this strange time we also need to look after our mental health. If having a beer or a pizza will bring a little happiness to you during this tedious time, then go for it.

The other point well raised by Olive’s picture is that we need to look after people who are most vulnerable in our society. Most of us will get through this virus without any issue. There are some in our society who are at high risk and don’t have anyone to help them. If you have any older neighbors drop a note in their door offering to help with anything they need. They may be scared and a friendly word from a neighbor could be the perfect thing for them to read.