This adorable baby leads dad on a fit and fabulous work-out

Youtube: Michael Stansbury
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Sometimes, the simplest things in life have the most meaning and can inspire others in looking around and appreciating what they have. It’s not about the money. It’s really all about human life and the relationships around us.

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Take, for example, Michael Stansbury and his cutie-pie, baby daughter named Lilly Ann. He recorded a video of himself and his precious little one on the rug trying to gain traction. It’s too adorable, and the YouTube video was so popular it quickly went viral.

Currently, the video by Michael Stansbury has boasted more than 3,045,177 views and counting. No, it’s not a fancy clip, but it is a charming and loving video of a father and baby daughter captured in a tiny slice of life.

In fact, the “exercise video” titled “The Lilly Ann Work-Out” is only one minute and 33 seconds long, but once you watch it, you will have a smile on your face.

Papa Stansbury is a very funny man, but it’s little Lilly Ann who steals the show with her work-out routine and amazing hand gestures that will melt your heart.

According to experts, all babies are wobbly as they try and reach physical milestones, and the viewer can see that watching this video of the father and daughter on the rug as the baby attempts several times to balance herself on her elbows.

Behavioral specialists say that it takes the first six months of life for your baby to begin gaining control of their posture. After that, this accomplishment paves the way for virtually all other movements, including reaching and grasping.

Lilly Ann is trying so hard with all her little might to raise herself up from lying on her belly. Her father Michael mimics every position she makes as Lilly Ann babbles to her daddy as her tiny head hits the rug each time. She never cries and never gives up.

Meanwhile, he jokes to her that she’s got her plank position set. “Are we planked out? Is that where we’re going? Oops, raise your feet up. Raise your feet up,” as he encourages his bundle of joy to keep trying.

At one point, Lilly Ann is exhausted with her baby workout and lays her head on the rug. Papa Michael assumes the same position. He turns to look at her and says “I love you,” and with that, Lilly Ann’s tiny hand reaches out to her daddy and touches his hand and then, his shoulder.

After that memorable moment, Lilly Ann resumes her balancing workout with her dad following along.

It’s a feel-good type of video, and that is why it quickly went viral. There have been close to 500 comments from fans of the video with one woman saying that the clip was one of the most adorable things she has ever seen in her life.

Bravo to Michael Stansbury and precious Lilly Ann.