This baby wakes up with so many emotions

Imgur: DunderGifflin
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One of the most magical parts of raising a baby is seeing them experience new emotions for the first time. You get to be there for their first smiles, their first tears, and their first angrily-furrowed brows. This baby’s parents managed to catch a whole range of those emotions on camera.

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The little one in question has just woken up from a seriously intense nap, and they feel so many different things about that fact. Watching the video is like a lesson about the human experience. Hopefully, it brings a little sunshine into your day.


The video starts while the baby is still sleeping. Clearly, they’re having an intense and dramatic dream. The little one thrashes back and forth while waving a tiny clenched fist. They go through a range of facial expressions and even stick their tongue out. Emotions sure are intense when you’ve never experienced them before.


This baby wakes up groggy and confused. Their little face is crunched into a dissatisfied frown. Their brow is furrowed as if to keep light away from their eyes. The dream is fading away, and the baby doesn’t actually know where they are. Whatever they were just dreaming about, it follows them into this moment.


The baby’s eyes finally start focusing on the room, and the frustration starts to fade. The dream has been forgotten and replaced with an attempt to understand the surrounding environment. This baby is only a few months old; if you had only lived somewhere for a few months, you definitely wouldn’t be used to your surroundings yet. You can see the baby’s eyes dart around the room as they take in the entire picture.


When this baby finally realizes where they are, the reaction is completely heartwarming. The little one makes eye contact with the person taking the video, and a huge smile covers their entire face. The way that those eyes light up is like nothing else. This baby must really love their family, their home, and the life that they’ve been born into.


After that first gorgeous smile, there’s a moment of real curiosity. What did the baby see? The smile drops, and for a moment, the furrowed brow returns. Through this range of funny faces, you can see the baby deciding whether or not they like the new thing that they just saw.


It turns out that, whatever they saw, this baby is still having a great time. That adorable smile returns, bigger and brighter than ever before. You can almost hear the laughter that accompanies this expression of joy and happiness. This little one has a great attitude that will follow them for the rest of their life.