This Baby’s First Word Will Actually Melt Your Heart

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One of the most beautiful things about growing up is learning to share with others. This is why we are so interested in how young people express themselves. From the moment that you say your first word, you are in constant dialogue with the world! The gift of communication can be a wonderful thing, with many individuals having a nostalgic association with the first word that they said.

First Words Leave an Impact

If you are like a majority of the population, it’s likely that your first word was something like da-da or ma-ma. These words are particularly significant to children due to their emphasis on a paternal or maternal figure, causing the child to feel a connection to the words. They are also some of the most common first words to be said by children, but da-da frequently beats out ma-ma for being the most typical first spoken word.

Regardless of which word you say first, it’s incredibly likely that your first word will have an impact on the rest of your life. This is why those who say da-da typically have strong relationships with paternal figures in their childhood, allowing them to express the subconscious urges that developed when they were learning to speak.

A Viral Baby Sensation

In a recent video from, a mom is trying to teach her baby how to speak only to hear the child say “happy” for the first time! What is so incredible about this video is that not only is the baby ecstatic once he gets the word out of his system, but both the mother and the person filming are incredibly surprised at what they just heard.

This is one of those incredibly magical moments that isn’t often caught on camera, so we are very glad that the person who shot the video was willing to share it with the world. These are the types of moments that truly bring us together as humans, allowing us to embrace love and absurdity as we learn to communicate with each other.

When Do Babies Start Talking?

If you are a parent, it is important to know when to expect your child’s first words to come out. Though it is impossible to predict the exact moment at which your child will speak, you can get a sense of the general time period by familiarizing yourself with childhood development.

For example, babies typically begin experimenting with vocalizing language after the first few months of being alive. Though more substantial words take time to develop, some babies can say words like da-da or ma-ma as early as seven months into their childhood!