This is why you can’t stop watching ‘bad’ TV Tero Vesalainen

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There are some bad television shows that are just too good not to watch. Many people call these shows their guilty pleasure. Why do we continue to watch when we just roll our eyes? The answer isn’t so simple.

No purpose

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Sometimes viewers want an escape from their everyday lives. They like to dive into the consolatory entertainment of simple pleasures. They like to watch other people stirring up drama and laughing together. This is why quiz shows and chat shows are so popular. They don’t make us think.

The importance of this type of television is that it isn’t important. No one needs to think when watching this type of entertainment. This television is in existence because it lets us talk about trivia, laugh about what’s going on, and escape into the screen.

When we’re watching “bad tv” we’re just like the person across the street from us. Throw out anything about race and gender. It’s all about watching the same shows at the same time. There is nothing separating us from each other at this time.

Television shows are a genius thing for all people. Programming may be crazy on the outside, but it’s bringing us together. It’s critical to understand how to affects our minds and how it works.

Recipe for reality tv

Competitions on baking shows and dancing shows aren’t all about winning and losing. It’s more about learning to support each other and making friendships in the process. There is a pattern for daily shows. The format is almost the same every week. We sit down to watch knowing it won’t be much different. We crave this sense of control.

Suddenly, we aren’t a viewer anymore. Now, we are on the same level as the contestants. We suddenly feel a sense of connection with the people on the screen. They are real people, so we feel as if they are our friends.

Each episode follows the main theme of the show. Repetitive forms of the theme and music pull in the viewer. This wouldn’t usually appeal to someone that has a busy life filled with a million things to do. During the pandemic, it started to bring in more and more people that wanted to just sit down and enjoy.

The details of these programs are simple and unique. They aren’t the same as sports games. Watching basketball is almost the same as watching these shows because it gives people a sense of social ability and provides excitement. The main difference is that consolatory TV still has a bad stigma surrounding it. People are ashamed to admit how much they love it.

Bad television is reassuring and comfortable. If you think about it, reality TV is sometimes like the old-time freak shows full of wild people on their shows. They find the craziest personalities and exploit them. Everyone wants to watch these people. This goes back to the excitement over the “Jerry Springer” show. People were publically humiliated, yet viewers couldn’t turn away. j

The drama isn’t about what is going on in the viewer’s life. It’s about seeing someone else going through something wild. The drama is just like watching a scripted movie, but it’s “real.” These things connect people to each other as they crave this sense of adventure that isn’t in their own life.

The importance of consolatory TV is the fact that it brings people together. It gives people a reason to escape. The pandemic makes people feel alone and stressed out. Television gives them a chance to get away for a little amount of time. They are socially connected without having to dive deep within the surface of connection.