When a cute baby sings AC/DC the internet goes crazy

YouTube.com/ Matt MacMillan

The competition for top jobs continues to grow increasingly difficult. If there is a job with a good employer and a good salary you can be certain that there are at least one hundred applicants vying for that job and depending on the market you are in, maybe many more. In the digital age, the boundaries of geography no longer stand in the way. Today there are many freelance websites which allow people from all over the world to compete for positions. It has allowed people to work while traveling the world yet means the competition for any new position is endless. This has led one man to do something very special to get his skills noticed.

Matt McMillan is a freelance sound mixer and has a young baby named Ryan. In the competitive audiovisual field, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. That was until Ryan thought of an incredible idea that would make him, his baby, and his editing skills go viral. 

McMillan started to record the various baby noises that Ryan was making for one full year. The strange noises that babies make cover various notes and pitches. Ryan recorded them and started to take the soundbites into his mixing work. He turned the baby’s cries, whimpers, laughs, gasps and more into AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. The song has a rhythm and sound that stands out so clearly, the noises of the baby sounded perfect.

Of course, the song comes with an accompanying video of Ryan making each sound. As a key tip for anyone seeking to go viral, ensuring there is a cute baby to lead your piece definitely increases your chances of success

To make it absolutely perfect McMillan even recorded little Ryan clapping his hands and stamping his feet to match the notable drum sounds of the Thunderstruck classic. Since releasing the video in January 2020, the reception has been incredible. Already there have been 3.5 million views to the video. McMillan previously recorded a similar video in 2016 entitled “baby Ella sings carol of the bells”. Whether this baby was just not as cute, or the song choice not as enticing, or if McMillan’s skills as a sound editor have simply improved, we are not sure. That video didn’t hit 10,000 views while baby Ryan is quickly approaching 5 million. 

Whatever the magic was that caused Ryan to stand out, it worked. The comments in the video are full of praise for the cute baby and the incredible skills of the editor. If you watch the video, the sneeze being included is certainly our highlight. We hope the video puts some focus on Ryan in the job market, an exceptional editor who deserves to stand out from the crowd.