Who Invited This T-Rex to My Wedding?

Facebook: Christina A. Meador

If you are a future bride, you might want to think twice before telling your bridesmaids and maid of honor to wear what they want. It seems. It seems that Deanna Adams said those words to her sister, her maid of honor.

During Adams’ wedding, in the state of Nebraska, her maid of honor, Christina Meador, walked down the aisle in her bridal outfit. An outfit it was! She was dressed in a T-Rex outfit.

Meador said she was told she could wear anything she chose. She also said she regrets nothing. The photo of the wedding party shows the maid of honor towering over other members in the wedding party dressed in her enormous, inflatable costume. The picture has since gone viral, with more than 35,000 views on social media along with 17,000 comments.

Hundreds of people found the outfit to be hilarious. Many praised the bride for her great sense of humor. Others tagged their friends and threatened them that they would also prank them at their wedding.

The bride told FEMAIL it was ‘weird’ to know her post went viral. She admitted it was not at all a complete shock when she saw her sister arrive at her wedding in the T-Rex outfit.

Meador asked the future bride, about a year ago if she could be her maid of honor. She is not fond of wearing formal dresses. She also did not have a lot of money to buy something extravagant. So her sister reassured her that she could wear what she chose. Meador gave the wedding a lot of thought, as far as what she would wear. She wanted something she could wear more than once. She said she has always wanted a dinosaur costume, and that is when she decided that would be her choice to wear to the wedding.

In the following months, before the wedding, Meador said she sometimes changed her mind and thought of other outfits she could choose. One idea included a Tardis from Doctor Who. However, when all was said and done, she stuck with the T-Rex costume.

Meador said it was difficult to see in the costume. Even so, she said she was surprised that everyone in the audience seemed to try to avoid noticing the T-Rex. Overall it did seem to leave the guests stunned.

Apparently, the bride took it all in stride. She said, “My sister is awesome.” She went on to say she was not joking when telling her to wear whatever she chose to wear. It is doubtful the bride anticipated her sister turning the wedding into a
Tyrannosaurus event!

It was a sweltering day in Nebraska. The T-Rex outfit made Meador very hot. Fortunately, following the wedding, she removed the costume as she was wearing a nice dress underneath. She attended the reception dressed as a “regular person.”