Woman Makes Hilarious Mistake While Trying to Sell Her Car

Facebook: Alyssa Stringfellow

We’ve all experienced moments in our lives when our brains just didn’t quite click with what we were supposed to do. We’ve used the wrong word instead of the word we were supposed to use. We’ve put salt in our coffee instead of sugar. We’ve brushed our teeth with a hair conditioner instead of toothpaste. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea.

A teacher in Arkansas had a similar “duh” moment, and that “duh” moment ended up going viral across social media platforms. Alyssa Stringfellow had no idea the kind of attention she was going to receive because of a brainfart she had not very long ago.

The Story

Insurance premiums are very high for young, single people. Thus, the Arkansas teacher was struggling with hefty premiums on her coverage. She thought it would be a wise idea to do something to reduce her rate. She then developed a plan to sign up for insurance under her “memaw’s” policy to take advantage of the multiple car discount. That was an excellent plan because multiple car discounts can be pretty generous. Her memaw was delighted to help her when she presented the idea.

She called the insurance company immediately and started the process of getting the woman signed up for the policy straightaway. The insurance agent took Alyssa’s info and then asked for a few additional pieces of information to add the vehicle to the policy. This person requested the teacher’s driver’s license, date of birth and two pictures to complete the process. One picture needed to be straight-on, and the other pictures needed to be of each side.

The Brain Fart

The insurance agent wanted pictures of the vehicle, but he didn’t specify. He only asked for “pictures.” Unfortunately, Alyssa thought he meant for her to send pictures of herself. She took three gorgeous selfies and sent them to the insurance agent. She thought all was well. The insurance agent sent her a message that although the pictures of her were nice, he needed her to send photos of the vehicle. At the same time, her memaw sent her the following text message: Did you send him pictures of YOURSELF?

The Arkansas teacher was utterly embarrassed about her misinterpretation of the request. Other people thought it was hilarious, however. The agent and “memaw” certainly had a chuckle over it. More than 500,000 Facebook viewers thought it was a likable incident, as well. Furthermore, people took to Twitter to comment on her mindless mishap. Other people started sharing their stories about their “duh” moments, as well. It turns out that such moments are more common in the world than we think.

The Conclusion

Life is too short to get serious about “duh” moments. We should all take the time to laugh at ourselves and allow others to laugh with us. The Arkansas teacher’s mistake made her somewhat of a social media celebrity. Not only that, but some people found her pictures very attractive. She might just end up with a new boyfriend all because she made a boo-boo when she was trying to get insurance.