Close cousins separated during Holocaust enjoy amazing reunion 75 years later

There are some family stories that just warm up your heart, and this one will definitely stir emotion in many, especially because it concerns wartime. The brutality of WWII and the mass murder of Jews paint the picture here as two close cousins had to separate when their families fled Romania. Morris Sana (85)and Simon Mairowitz (87) played together and were best friends during their childhood before the Nazis invaded their native country in 1940. Their families got separated during the move out of Romania, and for decades, both cousins assumed that each other had died in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. –

Fortunately, both men survived, grew up and had families, and it was a relative who began searching for answers on social media’s Facebook website. Morris’s niece began an online search of relatives and stumbled across some fascinating information saying that Morris’s cousin Simon Mairowitz was alive and well and residing in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Morris and his niece were living in Ra’anana, Israel. Morris was blown away by the news that his beloved cousin Simon was alive, also, so many decades later.

After some time, both families were able to schedule a long-awaited reunion between Morris and Simon. The incredible moment would take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, and captured on video. When the two white-haired cousins saw each other, they quickly embraced and wouldn’t let go, weeping tears of joy. Family members on both sides also cried for the 75-year-old reunion that finally took place. It was bittersweet with so much time lost between the men, but they were living in the moment and vowed to stay in touch and recreate the bond they had developed so long ago as young boys. People around the world have been touched by these strong survivors.