Examining evidence of alien life

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When you hear that someone believes in UFOs the most likely reaction is scoff and judge the person as just a little bit crazy. No one in their right mind thinks that UFOs exist and have visited Earth. But why not? The universe is so large that it makes sense that there would be other intelligent life (and likely more intelligent life) in some distant galaxy that we simply haven’t discovered yet. While that may be true, surely if alien life had visited Earth there would have been many sightings and not the grainy footage or ‘one person in a cornfield’ sightings. There should be sightings that were witnessed by many people or real footage to use. Well, the strange thing is, there are.

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It is time that we stopped talking about UFOs as some conspiracy theory for people wearing tinfoil hats. Aliens exist and have quite possibly visited Earth. While the debate will continue we need to change that debate from “how crazy are believers?” to “let’s look at the evidence and try to come up with rational explanations if we can’t then we must consider the UFO”. Over the last 80 years, there have been so many sightings that we must take this idea more seriously.

Roswell, 1947

The idea of aliens started in Roswell in 1947. Here someone discovered parts of wreckage on their land. The government came and took the parts away. This led many people to claim aliens had landed and Roswell has been the home of UFOs ever since. Later the government claimed that it was not aliens but the remaining parts of a new balloon-based technology they were trying out. I do think that sometimes the government is not in a position to reveal what they are working on and we jump to the alien explanation. This may be one of those cases. However, one officer that examined the wreckage has now said what he looked at was definitely not of this Earth.

Tehran, 1976

A bright light in the sky was reported by many citizens in 1976. So many that is can be taken as fact. Fighter pilots were called to examine the light. As they approached their equipment started to malfunction. One pilot says that the bright light started to release something so he tried to open fire. His equipment malfunctioned and he was not able to shoot. 

The rational explanation is that the bright light was simply Jupiter, it was bright that day. The glowing objects were meteors, which were flying over the sky that day. Was it a strange coincidence or alien life?

The Belgian UFO, 1989

If you are someone who wants many sightings to believe then this is the sighting for you. In 1989 nearly 14,000 people reported seeing a large triangular aircraft flying in the sky over a period of months. The sightings were later confirmed by the military and fighter pilots were sent to investigate. They were unable to see the target but their systems could lock on. It was moving incredibly fast. V-shaped flying was again reported in 1990, 1997, and 2001. The same visitor returning?

2004 and 2015

Two videos have now been declassified by the US government. They are of fighter pilots encountering unexplained objects in the sky. The government is unable to explain what they are. In the modern era, it becomes more difficult to explain. These could be aliens or they could be drones from a tech whiz that the government is unaware of. Each of us will have to watch the videos and make our own judgment.

The mounting evidence of alien visits to Earth is increasingly hard to ignore. Do you think aliens have visited and if they have, what does it mean for Earth?