Families Receive Thanksgiving Surprise After Girls Make Donations


Sometimes, it can be difficult to find things to be thankful for if you don’t have a lot of money or material possessions. When the holiday season arrives, it’s often hard for some families to try to save the money to provide a nice meal or gifts to put underneath the Christmas tree.

When two sisters in North Carolina realized that there were families who might not have a Thanksgiving meal, they decided to raise money to donate food boxes to some of them. The girls have been doing this for three years, and each year brings more donations so that they can put together even more boxes. Even though Thanksgiving is over, they want to continue raising money so that they can help families during other times of the year.

Alex and Caroline started raising money in 2017. They live in Charlotte and saw that there were many families in the city who worked every day and still didn’t have enough money to buy the basic necessities. This also meant that they often didn’t have enough set aside to get a turkey and side items like other families often enjoy. Lisa Fischer is the mother of the girls and has been helping them from the time they started giving back to others. Fischer thought that one or two boxes would be enough, but the girls wanted to try to donate at least 10 boxes to those in need.

When Alex started thinking about the number of boxes she wanted to put together, she didn’t really know how much all of the food would cost. Even after talking to her mother about how much money it would be to get all of the items to go in the boxes, Alex knew that she could do something to raise enough money.

Alex and Caroline raised money by selling baked items and lemonade. They asked for donations of baked goods from family and friends. When neighbors found out what the girls were doing, they were happy to help them. After the fundraiser, they realized that they had made enough money to buy food to make 100 boxes. The boxes were then given to the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

In 2018, Alex was able to raise money to purchase 108 boxes, more than what she made the previous year. When they started planning for 2019, Alex knew that she wanted it to be her biggest year ever so that she could help as many families as possible have a nice Thanksgiving. Alex and her sister were able to raise close to $3,000. This money was used to make 130 boxes that were donated to the mission. Even though the girls are receiving attention from news outlets and social media sites, they don’t pay attention to it because they know they are doing what they can to help others.