One man donated his entire stimulus check to a local restaurant OlgaLis

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During the coronavirus pandemic, there have been plenty of negative stories coming out. Stories of people disobeying quarantine, stories of increased thefts, generally, stories of people reacting badly to each other. Here at MisterStory we always aim to share positive stories and during coronavirus that aim remains the same. While the pandemic has placed increased difficulties and stress on a huge number of people it has also led to many people showing kindness and gratitude. At a time when everyone is facing uncertainty and confusion some still manage to do good.

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One of the hardest-hit industries has been food industries. It is no surprise that restaurant spending has fallen by almost 60% since before the pandemic began. People are unable to go outside and while some places are still able to offer pick up or delivery options, many restaurants have been forced to close. The longer these restaurants stay closed the more pressure they face. One family-owned steakhouse in Arkansas is facing this exact dilemma.

The restaurant situated in Pine Bluff has managed to stay open with a skeleton staff team of four. The restaurant now only offers curbside pick up of meals for three days a week. The move has been welcomed by locals who love the restaurant and are delighted to not only be able to eat the food but also support the restaurant during this trying time. One customer was clearly a fan as he gave a tip of $1,200 for his service. The amount was actually his entire stimulus check. 

The government issued stimulus checks of $1,200 to those impacted by the pandemic to relieve some financial burden. It is clear that although this man was affected he felt others could use the grant more. He decided to pass the money on to a local family restaurant who clearly needs it to keep staff employed and keep the business open. 

The act of charity shows incredible kindness during a time when you could not blame most for thinking of themselves. Similar kindness has been seen across the world and it is amazing to see so many doing things for others even when they now have less themselves. There have been many social media drives for a charity that involve running 5 kilometers and donating money to something in need. In addition, many people have been buying vouchers from companies that are currently closed but can offer a service in the future. This generous task will simply allow family-owned businesses to continue to pay staff and keep the business running but will allow you to still get great service when they do reopen.

While not everyone is in a position to donate their entire stimulus check to others, every bit helps. If you can donate to charity during this tough time it will go a long way. If you can buy vouchers from small local businesses it may be the difference between that company folding and staying afloat. While this is an incredibly selfless act it will also help you in the long run. The more businesses that manage to stay open during this tricky time, the quicker the economy can recover when the pandemic ends. By doing your part now to help businesses you will benefit from a strong economy in the future. 

One man has set a great example in Arkansas and others are doing the same all around the world. While we could spend this time looking at constant bad news and worrying about the future we could also spend it showing our community spirit and looking after those who need it most.