Two Weddings Turn Into One As Sisters Share A Ceremony

Lauren Stirling Photography/SWNS

A marriage is a blissful union between two people that love each other and want to make a commitment to one another for life. Taking a trip down the aisle is one of the happiest days that most people ever experience.

The bride wants all eyes on her as she is adorned in a dress and jewels that leave the crowd mesmerized. It’s a day that girls dream of since childhood. However, some people choose to share their limelight with another couple. Two sisters, Charly and Ella, decided to turn their two ceremonies into one. It was a wedding that would go down in family history.

Communicating Notions

Both sisters were engaged and talking about their weddings. It was the day they both had dreamed of. After many brainstorm sessions, the duo decided that their ideas for their ceremonies were almost identical. The girls have always been close, but a shared service would show the world just how close they were.

Conserving Money

Saving money was one of the biggest reasons to forgo two separate ceremonies. They could both choose to have the perfect day, but it would cost a fraction of the price if they shared. It meant one cake, photographer, minister, venue, and so on. Basically, everything could be split 50/50. The grooms were more than happy to help with the wedding planning. They each took charge of a specific aspect, like photography, and they did their part to ease the stress on their brides.

Sharing All Aspects

The girls had to share every aspect of the wedding. Even the cake cutting was done in unison. To make it even more of a family event, the bridesmaids were none other than their other two sisters. There was one part that each girl wanted to do separately so that they could have their moment in the spotlight. Their father and stepfather walked each blushing bride, arm-in-arm, down the aisle.

Not only did these girls share their ceremony, but they invited both their family and extended family to participate. The brides had to change their mindset to avoid any possible problems or ill feelings that could arise.

The girls stated that they viewed the wedding day as something the four of them could share, not just a ceremony for the brides. They were happy that even though the preparations were a bit chaotic, and they didn’t have any major issues along the way. Everyone got along, and things went swimmingly.

The Two Became One

What began as just a crazy coincidence turned into a twist of fate. Two wedding days turned into one, and one bride and groom turned into two. Their parents, family members, and other guests were elated to attend such a memorable celebration. The girls were stunning, and the love was in overwhelming abundance. It just shows that when children are taught to share from a young age, it’s a concept that sticks with them through life.