Brave Man Saves Dog Stranded in Ice


Dogs and their owners go together like two peas in a pod. When one is missing, the other is desperate – and that’s exactly how Don Chatten found the owner of a terrier mix who went missing one frosty winter morning.

A Cold Day at Elliot Creek Park

Don Chatten is the proud owner of two handsome dogs named Milo and Duke. Don took his pups out for their usual morning walk at Bark Park, the dog park located at Elliot Creek. But this peaceful walk was interrupted by Mike, a frantic dog owner who was missing his best friend. His small gray dog, Jackson, had gotten lost somewhere in the park – and he’d already been gone for quite some time. Small dogs don’t do very well in cold weather. Knowing that there was no time to waste, Don and his own dogs immediately started canvassing the park grounds. Unfortunately, Jackson was nowhere to be found.

Two Dogs Catch the Scent

If Don hadn’t had his own dogs with him, Jackson might never have been found in time. Don was about to give up on the search and was already heading back to his car. But as Don and his dogs were crossing the pedestrian bridge over Elliot Creek, Milo suddenly perked up and started looking at something in the water. Thinking that his dog had seen a duck or something else, Don tried to pull on the leash, but Milo wouldn’t budge. Duke joined in, and the two dogs insisted that something was going on.

Time for Instant Action

Don looked out across the bridge and saw a small, gray shape struggling in the icy creek. The reality of the situation clicked, and Don immediately began running down to the water’s edge. Don called 911, but he knew that help wouldn’t arrive in time. Without even sparing a thought for himself, the brave man plunged into the water and moved straight towards the terrified pup. Jackson was trapped in ice and barely holding himself afloat. Don used his arms to break the ice and quickly pulled the shivering dog into his arms. The two waded out of the water and back onto dry land. Mike was waiting for Jackson and rushed him straight to a nearby vet clinic, but not before thanking Don profusely for what he’d done. Milo and Duke had been waiting patiently, so Don grabbed their leashes and went back to his car. The three went home to warm up and reflect on the adrenaline-fueled event.

A Hero’s Accolade

Don didn’t realize that one of the parkgoers had taken photos of the successful rescue. She posted them to social media, and the image of Don pulling Jackson out of the river quickly spread around the world. Although he’s been getting a lot of attention, Don doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He says he’d do it again in a heartbeat. Jackson the terrier didn’t suffer any harm from the incident and is as cheerful as ever. Don still walks his dogs at Bark Park, and Milo and Duke have both been rewarded for their quick thinking and good behavior.