Leny the Golden Retriever Loves Sliding Down Hills

Instagram / leny_the_retreiver

One of the most popular breeds of dogs is the golden retriever. Dog owners find their loving and friendly personality to be just what they need in their families. Another of their characteristics is their frequent goofiness. These dogs make you laugh, smile, and feel good inside just by watching their antics.

Leny is one of those golden retrievers. He lives with his loving family in Spokane, Washington. His favorite antic is the enjoyment he receives from sliding headfirst down steep slopes. Not all of Leny’s slides are graceful.

Nor are they always easy to watch. Sometimes he must wriggle a little to put forth more effort to get down a grassy or snowy slope. Even so, he seems to have a smile on his face once he reaches the bottom. Then, without hesitation, he heads back up the hill for another roll.

Unlike other golden retrievers, who enjoy chasing cats and birds, or cuddle on their favorite bed with his toy, Leny just loves to spend his day taking one challenge after another rolling down a hill. It seems to make him the happiest dog in the world.

He has also made many people happy, more than 14 thousand, since his video has gone viral. There are several other videos now available of the dog doing his thing. Yet most of the people watching his videos cannot wait to see his next performance.

People have watched Leny as he moves down the hill so many times that many believe it is more of a slide. When the hill begins growing grass in the spring, Leny joyfully slides down his grassy hill, seemingly obsessed with his delightful hobby. Some observers say that the golden retriever has not only become an expert at sliding but that he has also perfected his technique in order to provide for optimum enjoyment.

Leny has created a procedure he follows for his slide. He first readies himself when he reaches the top of his hill. He begins wagging his tail as he excitedly anticipates his next slide. The next step is to lower himself onto his side.

Then, when he is ready, he begins his slide down the white snow or the green grass. Once reaching his destination at the bottom he jumps right up and runs back up to the top of the hill. Once again, he readies himself for his next slide.

Although the snow is not as slippery as grass Leny has learned how to make it work, this is because he loves sliding so much that he will find a way to slide down his hill no matter what stands in his way.