Man sees drowning bear, then he saves it!

Becky Bickerstaff/The Nature Conservancy

Human beings maintain a complex relationship with the animals with whom they share the world. It can be dangerous for either side of this equation when paths are crossed unexpectedly. This happens more and more it seems due to the tendency of cities to expand into the natural habitat of many animals. There are also times when man and animals are the perfect allies.

Adam Warwick decided early in life that he would work to protect the interests of wildlife. Adam was working in Florida one day when it became necessary to save one of the most dangerous predators in America from drowning. Adam did not think twice. He rushed into the ocean and risked his own life to save the animal.

Preservation and Conservation Team

Some of the most diverse wildlife in the world can be found in the United States. This includes many animals on the verge of extinction because of the difficulty they face surviving in modern environments. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida works to protect humans and animals who are forced to coexist in close proximity. Recently, the Commission received one of the strangest calls it has ever received.

Wayward Traveler

The small town of Alligator Point, Florida was once known for one of the largest alligator populations in America and residents there are familiar with a variety of animals. However, one resident of Alligator Point received a bit of a shock one morning when he saw a large black bear rummage through his trash. The bear was nearly four hundred pounds and was going house to house to check the trash for food. He did not seem to pose an immediate threat to anyone but residents were understandably concerned.

Stranger Danger

You do not have to watch television to know that a bear encounter can be dangerous. A bear will fiercely protect both its territory and its cubs. When bears wander into towns, they are often rattled by the many noises and movements of people. They could possibly strike out in violence due to fear. These reasons caused residents of Alligator Point to place a call to the Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The Commission

The Florida Wildlife Commission responded quickly to the call regarding the black bear. The Commission called area residents to give instructions to them about the situation. Normal protocol is to allow the bear to wander around until it finds its way back home. However, the location where the bear was sighted and the size of the creature made it necessary for the Commission to address the situation with more aggression.

The mission

The plan was to use a tranquilizer on the bear so that the experts at the Commission could return the animal to its natural habitat.

Enter Adam Warwick

Warwick is a biologist that understands and cares about the needs of animals. Warwick was happy to be present the day the Commission was called to remove the bear. Warwick watched as the bear was hit with the tranquilizer. The shot was a bullseye. However, the bear did not go down as quickly as it was believed it would. Instead, the bear ran until it reached the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Next, the bear began to wade in the water. The bear continued into the deep water and Warwick watched as the tranquilizers began to take effect. It was not long before the bear could not keep his head above the water. Without regard for his own safety, Warwick swam until he reached the bear. After fighting the current and the bear itself for some anxious minutes, Warwick and the animal were safe on land. All who watched the event were in shock. A crane was used to transport the bear back to its home and Adam Warwick was hailed as a hero.