Photographer waits hours to make best squirrel pictures you’ll ever see

Geert Weggen

If one truly wants to photograph the essence of a subject, capture the heart and soul in unique and captivating ways, he must be patient and become one with that subject. Geert Weggen is a Swedish/Dutch internationally acclaimed nature photographer who has mastered this art. Weegen’s patience and diligence in spending hours, days, even years, photographing squirrels, has allowed him to capture some of the most iconic and lovable squirrel photos ever taken.

Weggen began working as a full-time photographer in 2013. While squirrels have been a huge focus for him, Weggen has had great success photographing birds. He has built an extensive portfolio that includes macro shots, landscapes, and even people. While much of his work has been published worldwide in videos, newspapers, and magazines, the unique presentation of his work with squirrels is arguably one of his fan favorites.

In order to accomplish his photographic feats shooting squirrels, Weggen had to dedicate his time and patience to bond with and understand these loveable creatures. The journey began by Weggen developing a trust with the species and understanding their social mores. Weggen spent eight years living among these animals and developing ingenious ways to interact with them and form a mutual attraction.

The strategy Weggen used to attract squirrels into his environment and win their trust was to leave trails of nuts and acorns around his home. The local squirrel population learned to accept these acorns as offerings and they soon accepted him as a friend and gift-giver. That’s when the opportunity presented itself for Weggen to turn their lovable personalities and antics into hilarious and mesmerizing photos.

From playing chess to playing instruments, and riding bikes, Weggen turned the mystical and inquisitive nature of the squirrels into one-of-a-kind opportunities to shoot them in scenarios previously unthought-of by typical wildlife photographers. While some may consider Weggen “nuts” it has only been through his complex understanding of squirrels and visual masterpieces that he has been able to achieve these amazing photos.

Check out the squirrel antics and personalities presented through Weggen’s photos. He has a website that includes photos and videos of squirrels presented as partners, friends, dining companions, and playmates. His work can be found on many websites and is rampant on social media for his unique presentation of these adorable and adaptable furry creatures. Squirrel away some time to enjoy Weggen’s incredible photo accomplishments. If you would like lasting impressions of Weggen’s work to call your very own, he has published eight squirrel photo books in four different languages!