Teen Adopts Orphaned Kitten But Later Discovers It’s A Wild Puma

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Today’s incredible story takes place in Santa Rosa de Leales, a town in the province of Tucum├ín, Argentina.

The hero of our tale is Florencia Lobo, a kind teen and college student, who was fishing with her brother near their home one day. The pair were interrupted by the faint sounds of crying in the woods. They thought that a bird had possibly fallen and was injured, so they ventured closer to take a look.

Florencia noticed two stray, adorable kittens all alone, and she decided to adopt them. She named them Tito and Dani. Sadly, Dani was weak and died about a week later, but Tito got stronger and more active, and the pair bonded.

Tito enjoyed jumping around and biting and getting on to tables and swiftly moving about. Florencia thought he was maybe too rambunctious but didn’t say anything to her family.

Then, one day, Tito injured himself, and Florencia decided that it was time for a visit to the veterinarian to look at one of his legs. She called several vets, but they were all out of her price range. So Florencia decided to contact an animal expert about her wild kitten. She sent photos of the abandoned feline to the animal pro.

He immediately informed Florencia that the adorable kitten was certainly no cat. It was, in fact, a wild puma cub that is native to southern North America and South America. It is a jaguarundi puma.

The animal expert advised Florencia to turn the wild animal over to the Argentine Animal Rescue Foundation. The animal would receive good care and be nursed back to health. Eventually, Tito would be returned back to its natural surroundings after survival rehabilitation.

If the teen kept the puma as a household pet, it wouldn’t be the best situation for the wild animal even though Florencia says the two had become very close and that Tito was the ideal pet.

A jaguarundi puma cub does resemble a household kitten in some respects. The wild animal is slightly larger than a housecat and as an adult, would weigh anywhere from 12 to 20 pounds. The jaguarundi puma is endangered due to the loss of its habitat.

When Florencia found the puma cubs, they were about three-months-old. According to the local news publication, El Tucumano, Tito and Dani’s puma mother was attacked and killed by another animal. The super cute cubs were starving and near-death and resembled pet kittens.

When you and your friends watch the video, you, too, maybe would initially mistake Tito for a household cat.