The Tiny Rusty-Spotted Cat Is a Feisty Little Animal

YouTube: BBC

Some people consider the tiniest wild car the cutest thing they have ever seen. Others describe it as adorable. The wild cat can easily fit into the palm of your hand. It measures 35-48cm in body length. It has an average weight of 3.5 pounds. Known as the rusty-spotted cat, it is the smallest wild cat on the planet.

The cutest feature of the creature is basically a result of its size and coat. They might be described as a smaller, much smaller version of a leopard with their rust-colored coat while still showing their spots. It also adds more length with its tail, which measures another 15-30cm. Sadly, the creature is on the threatened species list. This is mostly due to cultivation and natural loss. There have been some reports that the skins of the animals have been used for trading for other items. In some places, they are hunted for food. India and Sri Lanka have banned the hunting of the creature. It is believed that about 10,000 rusty-spotted cats are remaining in the wild.

Today they are threatened with habitat loss, conflict with humans and livestock, and poaching. Since they do not have a high profile in the media, they receive less than one percent of the total funding for conservation available for wild cats. This results in the small cats not being studied, and they are under-protected.

The feline is often seen in Sri Lanka as it roams through the woods while jumping over water, looking for food, while exploring the vast wilderness. It is a wild species of felines that also makes a home in many parts of India and being sighted once in a while in Terai and Nepal. The rusty-spotted cat prefers the moist and dry deciduous forests while it is also content living in scrub and grassland. It prefers dense vegetation as well as rocky areas.

These small creatures can briefly be seen during the day; however, they are predominantly nocturnal. During daylight, they can be found hiding in trees or caves. These are places they find safe while staying away from the larger predators found in the area.

They enjoy their meals, which mainly consist of rodents and birds. If necessary, they will also quickly move to enjoy a meal of a lizard or two, a frog, as well as insects. They basically hunt on the ground. They make rapid, darting movements when attacking their prey.

The tiny cat is not known to much of the human population. However, their small size, colorful coat, curious nature, and lack of fear make them very popular with the people in the areas where they live.