This Husky is Convinced He’s a Cat Because He Was Raised With Cats!

Imgur: xlinea

In a world where people are gaining freedom to freely speak about their feelings of “gender crisis” or feeling as though they were born “in the wrong body”, this is a unique story about a dog who seems to feel exactly the same way.

This beautiful canine named Tally aka Tao Tao (which means mischievous in Chinese) is a Husky and Malamute mix. (Huskies and Malamutes have many of the same physical traits so her appearance is that of a Husky at first glance). However, Tally was raised from a pup in a house full of cats. Or at least that’s what her current owner thinks. There aren’t actually any photos of Tally with cats but her behaviors and her personality mimic that of a typical cat.

While it isn’t unusual for animals of different species to befriend one another within specific environments, it is unusual for them to begin to mimic the other species. She’s practically mute, barely making any sounds at all (such as barking or growling like a typical dog). And while Huskies are known for being outgoing and boisterous, Malamutes which are somewhat cat-like in their behaviors, are less aggressive.

Tally will urinate on the floor when she is upset which is typical cat-like behavior. And when she sits, she sits with her arms and legs underneath her in a feline posture. She loves hiding in boxes and under furniture and saunters rather than bounces when she walks. She especially enjoys hiding her head in bags and boxes, as if she believes that if she can’t see you, you can’t see her. With her previous owners, Tally was not around any other dogs but spent her days socializing with many cats. Her current owner says that when he takes her to dog parks to socialize that she expressed no interest at all in ‘her own kind’.

He also says that even though she isn’t currently around any cats, she continues to display her cat-like behavior, laying around quietly, staring at people and silently judging them all day. Regardless of her current solitude, she hasn’t forgotten her roots. She continues to lay around, completely mute, stalking quietly around the house when she isn’t staring quietly out of a window at the world in subtle judgment. Sleeping happens to be her absolute favorite hobby, sometimes sleeping for most of the day, usually in the same room where her owners are. No matter what her behaviors, her owners adore her and think she’s hilarious!