Dad Builds Amazing Igloo For His Nine Disabled Kids

Gregg Eichhorn
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Our heartwarming story takes place outdoors in snowy Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Eichhorn family home. Gregg and his wife Katie adopted nine special needs children who range in age from four to 19. Like most kids, the Eichhorn nine enjoying having fun in the snow, and while a few of the children were trying to build a snow fort, Papa Gregg decided to take the large amount of snow in the backyard to the ultimate igloo-friendly level.

He started making a massive igloo that would accommodate his kids’ needs and make the ice house wheelchair-accessible so that all of his children could enter it easily and have fun playing in it.

Gregg and his sister, Sarah Brantley, were excited to dive into the project and create an impressive igloo, especially so his daughter Zahara and son Elijah could use their wheelchairs to go inside.

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Some of the other Eichhorn children helped make the igloo, but it was Gregg and Sarah leading the effort for the two-day project. The brother and sister also added a cool slide at the top so that the children could descend off the igloo in an exciting way. Elijah has a cortical vision impairment, but he was able to enjoy the awesome igloo inside and open his eyes, according to father Gregg.

You can check out photos of the Eichhorn family and the igloo they built, and we’re sure you will be impressed by the design and passion involved in the project.

Disabilities his other children face challenges with include cerebral palsy and heart issues. Gregg and Katie Eichhorn believe that it is important that they share their story with others to bring attention to medical and special needs adoption.

The Eichhorns are a very happy family and told People Magazine in an interview that you can love people in your life who weren’t part of your initial family. Gregg says that he is a better person because of his children, and their special qualities make them that much more amazing to be around.

Gregg Eichhorn is a former carpenter foreman and is excellent at building a lot of things. For example, he and Katie had purchased a brick fixer-upper almost 10 years ago, and he did a massive remodeling plan inside.

Gregg stripped and re-built the interior, and now, the large home features an elevator for his wheelchair-bound children and a special bathtub that has a scissor-type door on the side of it for easy access.

Gregg has been a stay-at-home dad, and Katie goes to work as a licensed practical nurse. The couple is very religious, and everything seems to run smoothly.

He often speaks at church groups about becoming an adoptive or foster care parent.

Gregg’s advice to others is simple: “You have to be intentional about being a father. Having kids is a blessing, a joy.”

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