How to avoid curses in the home Antlio

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Luck is something that is often debated. Some argue that those who believe in good or bad luck simply haven’t prepared properly. Yet sometimes things go right or wrong in our life that we simply couldn’t have prepared for and if these things happen too often we can start to feel blessed or cursed. While the rational part of you says that luck and curses aren’t real, there is likely one tiny part of you that just isn’t sure. If so, here are a few things to avoid in your home. Each of these things could bring you bad luck so whether you believe in luck or not it is no harm to keep these things out of the house.

An open umbrella

I never open an umbrella inside my home and I never realized I was avoiding it because of luck, but it must be the case. This belief goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians. The idea was that an umbrella would protect you from the weather outside and if you brought that device inside you were then angering the gods. The gods were already protecting your home and by opening the umbrella you were suggesting they weren’t doing a great job. They were likely to punish you.

Stopped clock

I grew up with a broken clock in my home for many years. Unless the curse it gave our family was laziness (as we never fixed it) we didn’t notice any major curse because of it. Yet it is said, particularly in feng shui circles, that having a broken clock in your home may make it more likely that you get stuck in a rut or can’t break out of that part of your life. People also suggest that if a broken clock ever chimes in your home, death is nearby.

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Rocking chair

Each ancient civilization has its own tales of folklore and curses. The Irish are no different.  It is believed in Ireland that having a rocking chair is a bad idea. An empty rocking chair is said to invite a curse into your home. If it ever rocks without someone in it, you know a bad spirit is present.

Spiky plants

In modern times people have less time for traditional plants and more and more people are turning to succulents and other plants that require less maintenance. The favorite of these is the cactus. Cacti are a great house plant because you can pretty much ignore them and they will survive but they may have a negative side too. They may curse your home forever. Any spiky plant is said to bring spiky vibes into your home. Have you noticed a tension in the air with your loved ones? It may be time to throw out that cactus.

Green paint

A strange one but maybe the only one that was once true. Green paint is believed to bring disease and death into a household and many people avoid using it as a color in their home for that very reason. While this may sound crazy, it was once very true. In the 18th century, green paint was created using a pretty unknown substance at the time, arsenic. When the paint became damp it could actually release toxic gases and many people got sick and died. Soon word spread of how dangerous arsenic was as a chemical and green paint was made with other substances instead but the negative association remains.

These are just some of the curses that can be inflicted on your home if you have the wrong things. If there was ever a good reason to become a minimalist avoiding curse is it. As we have recently crossed into a new year, make sure you don’t have any outdated calendars in your home – they are another quick path to misfortune.

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