This Photographer Takes the Most Lovely Baby Photos

Nikki Cee Photography
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Every day, our newsfeeds and social media accounts are flooded with adorable pictures of babies, puppies, and other cuteness.

When it comes to creativity, photographers struggle to come up with original, unique ideas to capture attention. After all, what haven’t they already thought of?

But every once in a while, a new idea can become a viral sensation. That was the case with Nikki Cee, a newborn photographer.

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Nikki Cee is a professional photographer living in Bowie, Maryland. Her innovative ideas on props and costumes took the internet by storm. Suddenly, she became an incredibly well-known photographer for her imagination and aesthetic sense.

Cee claims that when she first started six years ago, she had a lot of trouble getting business initially. She said that it was a rough start trying to find anyone from friends to coworkers who would allow her to photograph them.

With her first newborn shots, she didn’t feel the passion for it. She said it was difficult to get the baby to cooperate and they cried basically the entire time she was shooting.

While it was a deterrent, many parents continued to contact Cee. So, she began self-learning to cram in all of the information she could use. She wanted to be successful in the field.

She truly began to flourish the more she learned. Her inspiration sparked and spiraled as she discovered new poses and settings for the photos.

The more she put her own creative spin on the photo sessions, the more parents would contact her for business.

From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Aladdin, her themes got more elaborate. Her photos were being shared on social media accounts everywhere across the web. Then, actress Viola Davis retweeted her photoshoots as well.

While Cee appreciates the business and attention her work has received, she doesn’t wish to be famous. She simply wants to do her job well and thrive in her imagination.

Nikki doesn’t stop with newborn photography. She also has done maternity, wedding, and various other types of photoshoots. She does, however, put her primary focus on newborn babies as she feels the most in her element.

You can check out Cee’s work on her Instagram page to bask in the adorableness. You can watch her growth and admire the variety she provides.

Cee claims, “Being an entrepreneur is the toughest role I’ve played, and I’m forever learning and growing, and I’m just forever thankful for every word of encouragement, every trusting client and their beautiful babies, every inspiration, every setback, and every disappointment. They all work together to shape me and my everyday dealings with this photography thing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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