Family buys dog, but when the vet sees him, he calls the police


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Su Yun and her family from the Chinese province of Yunnan had considered taking a dog as a pet. During one of their vacations, they came across a cute puppy that was for sale. There were not many types of dogs, and none looked more special than the other. Then they saw a little cuddly puppy. The family immediately fell in love with the animal. Its cute eyes melted their hearts. They immediately decided to take him home.

When asked about the breed, the seller replied that it was a Tastiff. The family began to notice that the dog had certain remarkable characteristics.

At first, the family noticed that the dog was incredibly hungry. He managed to consume two buckets of pasta and a full box of fruit every day. They knew he had to be hungry, but they had never seen a dog that could devour so much at once.

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But soon, the cute dog was barking abnormally. In fact, you could hardly call it a bark!

The animal sounded much more like it was screaming. The family was beginning to wonder a little about all this strange behavior. But they also knew that they were dealing with a very special breed, so they put their concerns aside and continued to lovingly take care of their cuddly pet.

Until one day, he did something incredible.

The family couldn’t believe their eyes. Their dog could stand! They had never seen that before. None of them had tried to teach him this, so he must have either taught it to himself or just had it in his blood. Once again, the family thought that it was a special feature of the mastiff.

But it didn’t stop there.

The fact that their “little cute blackie” consumed an incredible amount of food also meant that he grew incredibly quickly. When he was 2 years old, he was almost a meter tall and weighed almost 110 kilograms. Its owners began to wonder if something was wrong. No dog in the world grew up at such a speed!

But then there was a worrying discovery.

It wasn’t just the length and weight of the dog that grew at a rapid pace. Its teeth seemed to grow just as quickly and developed into predator’s teeth. Now the family became worried. After all, it was one thing to raise a dog and another to risk an accident.

The family immediately knew what to do.

The owners of the cute “little cute blackie” went to the veterinarian, who immediately knew what the animal was and immediately called the Yiliang County Public Security Bureau. There, it was recorded that the animal effortlessly managed to consume two buckets of pasta and an entire box of fruit every single day. They also pointed out his teeth and the fact that he liked to stand on his hind legs instead of being on all fours.

There was a specific reason for all of this!

The dog, which had now grown into a huge fluffy giant, turned out to be an Asian black bear! The animal is also called collar bear, moon bear, or Tibetan bear and is classified as endangered, according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN), because many people capture and kill the animals to get their special bile.The authorities took the animal. We hope that the sweet “little cute blackie” is doing well today!

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